Aiming to the world’s #1 in innovation

Day by day, science and technology are bringing about remarkable
developments in various fields such as automobiles, airplanes,
handheld computing, and medical devices, and they have come to greatly
contribute to our comfort, safety, and convenience.
At the same time, the importance of environmental conservation
has in recent years become ever more important.
In these cutting edge fields, the advancement of electronics is
essential, and a technological revolution is always being pursued.
Our company developed our first electrical wire buncher in 1934,
in Minato-ku, Tokyo.
In the more than 80 years since then, we have continued to grow and
evolve, walking hand in hand with developments in the field of electronics.
By continuously working with all of our employees, we have obtained
numerous patents, such as an “electrical wire supply mechanism,”
and a “back twist mechanism for bunchers.”
We believe it is no overstatement to say that these bunchers,
wire pay-off machines, and various electrical wire manufacturing machines,
are supporting the various electronics fields.
In particular, our Isawa factory (I.S.W.), which was established
in 1992 in Iwate
Prefecture (considered Japan’s #3 stronghold of car manufacturing),
makes bunchers for ultra-fine wire,
and bunchers for electrical wire to be used in cars.
We are grateful to do business all over the world,
exporting to 20 countries, including America, Germany, France,
Mexico, and countries in Southeast Asia.
Alongside our employees who love to make things,
and in the spirit of our slogan, “together, let’s make a great company,”
I would like play a part in the development of the world,
putting to use the nature of the Japanese people, and
exporting to the world products that will not put to shame the name
“Japan, nation of makers.”