1934Founded in Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo (formerly Shiba-ku, Tokyo-shi)
as Suzuki Factory.
1947Kinrei Machinery Manufacturing Corporation established
1950Developed vertical type buncher
1957Developed shielding machine
1959Developed resistance wire shielding machine
1960Developed vertical type 3-layer concentric buncher
1967Developed vertical type double twist buncher
1970Saitama Factory built
1971Developed Φ300 double twist buncher
1975Developed motorized wire pay-off machine
Developed Φ500 double twist buncher
1978Investment capital increased to ¥20,000,000
1979Developed Φ400 cap stainless single twist buncher
1984Second Saitama Factory completed in Nagano, Gyoda City
1985Design department introduces CAD system
1986Developed high-speed type double twist buncher
1987Headquarters building completed in Shiba Minato-ku
1991Company name changed to Kinrei Corporation
1992I.S.W. Factory completed in Isawa-chō, Iwate Prefecture
1997HK560 type double twist buncher receives a Good Design award.
19981,000 machines sent in our “export to America” venture
Developed TU10 ultra-fine tubular strander,
for ultra-thin wire (such as wire for LCD, etc.), and
the L3Y vertical type shielding machine
Investment capital increased to ¥ 45,000,000
1999Developed PV5D back twist mechanism for LAN cable
2000Investment capital increased to ¥49,500,000
Development department introduces company-wide 3-dimensional CAD
Developed FTH type constant tension pay-off machine
2001Additional construction at Iwate factory (I.S.W.)
Developed TU8 ultra-fine tubular strander
2002Saitama factory was closed down, and
all production was moved to the Iwate factory (I.S.W.)
2003Developed DFV8 in/out type buncher for ultra-fine wire (vertical type) and
DFH8 (horizontal type)
2004KSW joint venture established in Jiangsu Province, China
2005Developed clockwise Φ630 double twist buncher BZ6R
Developed VX25 vertical type serve shield
2006Developed Φ914 B-914 double twist buncher
2007Developed DB630φ630 double twist buncher equipped with new wind-up control
2009Factory building (for sheet metal and coating) built at Iwate factory (I.S.W.)
2014Patent # 5603754 issued