At the heart of manufacturing, are the people.
We place great importance on creating an open environment that fosters dialogue.

At our production site, how are we to inherit the numerous skills and technology that accumulate over the years?
Kinrei’s answer is “openness.”
For example, at our state-of-the-art factory, I.S.W.,
all of our documents are organized in file boxes, and they are the shared property of all employees.
A person in need can access files when and where they need to, append new information to them, and put them back.
The basis of this philosophy is the belief that in any system, if you remove people, nothing new can be born.
Because there are people, dialogue arises, and breakthroughs are born. This is fundamental.


I.S.W., Isawa, Iwate Prefecture
This is the outpost where Kinrei’s
future is forged.

Returning to the spirit of our founder, I.S.W.
started from the first step.
In our specialized development lab,
we gather data by operating our machines
under various conditions.
With the goal of producing ideal machines,
we repeatedly put them through severe performance tests.
We have introduced an advanced NC machine at our
production site, and we are pursuing even more efficient
manufacturing technology,
including making original improvements.
One result of these efforts was our receiving a
Good Design award.