Cars (wire harnesses)

Wire harnesses are bundles of wires bound together with cable ties,
tubes, adhesive tape, etc.
They are used for transmitting electricity, and the electrical wire
produced from our company’s bunchers are utilized in car heaters,
air conditioners, power windows, interior lights, audio,
GPS navigation, airbags, etc.


We also offer bunched wire for aircraft companies in America and
Even in fields of technology seeking higher quality, smaller,
lighter items, our company’s abilities are well known,
and we do business with many makers.

Medical devices (guide wires, MCX, hearing aids)

Our company’s wire bunching technology is being utilized
even in the field of medicine.
Our company’s bunched wires are used in guide wires and
MCX, which can easily be manipulated for work inside blood vessels,
and in the ultra-fine wires that connect hearing aids.
It is precisely because of our bunched wires’ remarkable strength and
reliability that the medical field makes use of them.